Crispy Kachori Recipe

Crispy Kachori Recipe

Unleash your hunger by tasting the delicious Crispy Kachori online on this page. You can now prepare all sort of food at home. Find the recipe online for Crispy Kachori along with the ingredients and method.

Ingredients:Cheese Kachori

•  – Flour 2 cups heaped
•  – Salt 1 tsp leveled
•  – Latif Cooking Oil 7 tbsp
•  – Water ½ cup
•  – Filling
•  – Chana ki daal boiled 1 cup till tender, grind and mix with ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp crushed red pepper


Crispy Kachori are very common, people often take this snakes as lunch, it is also used in Ramadan, Iftari. you can take Crispy Kachoris with Daal, Aaloo, Channa Salans.

In a bowl take salt, oil and water, mix add in flour, knead to a smooth dough, add in another tsp of latif cooking oil, knead well until smooth, divide into 12 equal portions, shape them into balls, leave them covered for 15 minutes, take 1 ball in your hand, spread a little, put half tsp filling, again reroll into a ball, out oil on a flat surface, spread the kachori into a saucer size, deep fry on medium flame till golden brown.

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