Daal Ki Kachori

Daal Ki Kachori

The perfect budget friendly snack for iftar that is going to put a big hearty smile on your family’s face. You can serve it with a variety of chutneys and potato curry.


Bengal gram 1 cup

Lemon 2

Allspice 1 tsp (powder)

Cumin white 1 tsp (powder)

Red chili ½ tbsp (powder)

Salt as required

For Kachori:

All purpose flour ½ kg

Latif Cooking Oil ½ cup

Baking powder a pinch

Salt to taste

Cooking Directions
Boil the lentils till tender.

Now chop the lentils in a food processor along with lemon juice, allspice powder, red chili powder, cumin powder and salt.

For Kachori: In a bowl mix together the all purpose flour, oil, baking powder and salt.

Knead to form smooth dough.

Now form small round balls, roll out in to round kachoris with a rolling pin, spread a small out of lentils mixture over it, cover it with another rolled out kachori and press the edges gently to seal.

Deep fry till golden and crisp.

Serve in a dish with raita and chutneys.

Daal Kachori 01

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