Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is so-simple-to-make dessert tastes absolutely divine. This dessert recipe is perfect for winter season.


Carrots(grated) 1 kg
Condensed milk(400 gms) 1 can
Sugar(approx 6 tbsp) to taste
Latif Banaspati Ghee 200 gms
Resins, almonds, cashew 1/2 cup
Cardamom (grounded) 1/2 tsp
Whipped cream for garnishing
Silver foil for garnishing


Boil the grated carrots with condensed milk till it becomes dry.
Add Latif Banaspati ghee and stir continuously till ghee leaves the sides of the pan.
Add sugar and stir till sugar is dissolved.
Mix the dry fruits and cardamom.
Serve hot with whipped cream and varak.

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