About us

Latif Group began its journey in year “1993”and is now widely recognized for its work through customer’s satisfaction and quality products. Under the banner of Latif Group, the company owns satisfied customers with the standards developed by international and national certifications bodies (ISO certifications and PSQCA in Pakistan).

Latif ghee Industries (Pvt) ltd enjoys eminence in oil and ghee production by owning a state of the art plant in Pakistan and by providing consistent quality and their distinction in the society. The company is manufacturing edible oil products under its brand name “Super Latif banaspati & cooking oil” as its premium brand. With an experience of many years and on the basis of well-governed procedures found on the highest ethical and moral practices, The Company has grown into a reputed name in the industry.

Further to this, the group launched more products line to capture more market share under its umbrella with the marketing names as “Apna Banaspati & Canola oil” “Shehroz Banaspati & Cooking oil” and Mithoo Banaspati & cooking oil”.

In addition to this and owning customer’s satisfaction and considering the basic food items, Latif Group concentrates on providing high quality wheat products. The group planned to establish a state of the art flourmill under the name of “Latif Majeed Flour Mills” in 2001 with the brand name “Super Latif Atta, Maida, Fine” etc. The company has netted a high standing through upholding highest quality for its consumers by satiating their needs.

Under the umbrella of the group, it holds a “trading section” under the name of “Abdul Razzaq & Sons” in which they deal in trading of sugar with all renowned sugar mills of Pakistan and trade locally with the already developed strong distributor’s line and customers base. Novelty and technological progressions in the technology is our reason for such progress in Pakistan.

Led and enthused by its motto of “Together we grow”, the Group is able to produce and distribute quality products thus maintaining constant supply and demand of Latif Group products. Satisfied customers, employees, business associates and yes, society at large are our critical assets. We believe in providing best value for the money our customers invest in. We believe in walking an extra mile for our society with our values and principles established by our ancestors.